Here I gathered all of my biggest projects that I’ve done so far. All of the projects in Metropolia are made for real customers and we worked for over two months on every project. I have most experience in interface design projects and work experience as a content producer in social media. In addition to these projects, I created several concept plans, wireframes and smaller projects at school.




2016 – Digital concept design

Alko is the national alcoholic beverage retailing monopoly in Finland. In summer 2016 I did concept designing for Alko. We worked in a group with 3 other students and our task was to create something cool digital things to make customer experience better. More about this summerproject from here :



2016 – Photobook production

In advanced photography course in Kadir has university we made photobooks. My subject was traveling. Since I have been traveling in 17 countries in last 1,5 years it has been very thoughtful experience and made me think a lot, why traveling is so amazing. How you should stop and enjoy the moment. I tried to capture the mystic and desire of wandering. I picked some old photos from my trips and took new ones in Turkey and Iran. I got practice of using Adobe Indesign software and learned process of how to make a book. My book was showed in photobook exhibition in Istanbul. A5 sized, 80 pages, black and white.

Po & Ny

Screen Shot 2016-03-23 at 23.32.39

2015 – Online store production

In this project I designed and developed an online store for new street clothing brand with two other designers. My role was project manager. I developed the concept with another designer and I also took part in designing the layout. Our customer wanted something unique and different and layout which match to their own style.

 Bed time’Jama


2015 – Concept design and website production

In Digital media design course in Portugal, we made Bed time’Jama – concept and website with two other designers. We had randomly picked up our subject word ”baby”, and according to that word we had to make up some new product and make promotion website for our product. We made concept design for Bed time’Jama – smart pajama for babies and application for keep up with collected data from pajama. I participated in every design field in this project. I did most of the coding using haml and bootstrap.


Ethica Oy

Screen Shot 2016-03-23 at 23.30.59

2014 – Application production

With two other designers, we made a sustainable health check web application for our client. Application was made for companies to map their situation in sustainability and how they would need Ethica’s services. With this application Ethica can collect answers so that they can analyse and use the data for developing their services. Our job was make user friendly application and answering for the questions to be simple and fast. My main role in this project was to design the layout and wireframes for the app.

aloitussivu visu1 lopputulos ethicamainos-vol2 visu2

Lentävä liitutaulu Oy


2014 – Social media strategy

For Lentäväliitutaulu Oy, I developed a social media strategy with two other designers. Our customer SmartFeet had a learning game app for tablets intended for educational use in schools. We researched and planned a social media strategy to advertise their product in social media. We delivered over 30 pages of guidance on how to use social media for their maximum business development.

Metropolian Alumnit


2013 – Website production

The Metroplia University of Applied Sciences needed a website for their alumni. In a group, we developed a concept for the website and executed it. My main role was to code the WordPress theme using html, css and php. I also participated in the concept and website development.

Small projects: