I’m Annikki, Digital media designer

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When I was younger I tried everything. I tried all the things between horse riding to circus school. I loved handicrafts and everything digital. I also loved coding when I was in primary-school. Yes thats true, I learned coding when I was 10 years old. I was coding pony sites, website for my cartoons, even ”coding helper” site to teach others to code!  My childhood dream was always to work with something creative, so I got interested in digital  design and marketing. No wonder why I am studying digital media now. Nowdays my hobbies besides of football and running are photography and video editing which I love very much. I write traveling blog and I would count traveling also one of my hobbies. 

Coolest things I’ve done in my life:

Hitchhiking trough 9 countries in 3 weeks,

Running a half marathon, Trekking 200 km in

Himalayas,  Bungee jump twice, 

Paragliding in Nepal,  Living and

studying abroad, Hitchhiking in Iran, 

learned to surf